Mary Ellen Hawkins


What is the best business decision you ever made? Probably the best business decision I ever made was the decision not to become involved in business as a career!

What is the best life decision you ever made? I have always tried to live my life “by the rules” so that I would have as little as possible to regret.

Why are you and Southwest Florida a good fit? I’ve been here so long it is my home.

What’s the most valuable tip you can give to a high school freshman today? A college freshman? A college senior? The most valuable tip that I could give a high school freshman, a college freshman or a college senior today would be to get the best education available to them and to continue learning throughout their lives.

Other than family members, who influenced you the most in your youth? Other than family members the most influential person in my life was a New York State Congressman whose name was Kenneth Barnard Keating.  He was an excellent example of how a public official should conduct himself.

What is your favorite leisure activity and why? My favorite leisure activity is associating with my three adult children, who are all interesting people.