MAKERS Criteria

Who is a MAKER?

A MAKER is an authentic, passionate and inspiring woman who will leave a special lasting impact on the people, environment, economy and/or culture of SWFL.

The Criteria for a MAKER

Leaving a Legacy
• Future generations will benefit from the contributions of this nominee.
• This nominee has an integral role in the creation of her legacy.
• The impact of this nominee’s work will survive her tenure.
• There is a team in place and a plan to carry the nominee’s vision forward

Building Community
• The nominee has formed positive coalitions outside her own organization.
• The nominee’s work has had a positive impact on the community.
• There is the potential for further growth as a result of the nominee’s vision.

Defying Social Norms
• The nominee has not conformed to outdated gender limitations.
• The nominee is an iconoclast who broke through barriers.

Serving as a “First” in Her Field
• The nominee was the first woman to serve in her role.
• The nominee accomplished/created a new way of doing business/impacting community.
• The nominee has a reputation for her exceptional success.