Women Who Make Southwest Florida

In its third annual celebration of exceptional women residing in Southwest Florida, MAKERS stands unique as the only award for women in the region based on an established nomination, evaluation and selection process. It also is the only project that creates an inspiring, digital archive of these extraordinary women. WGCU Public Media captures the dynamic legacies and unique personalities of these women in video and audio portraits. Their stories encourage us to realize our own unique and significant contributions.


Who is a MAKER?

A MAKER is an authentic, passionate and inspiring woman who will leave a special lasting impact on the people, environment, economy and/or culture of SWFL.

MAKERS are women who are truly impacting lives and leaving a legacy in the arts, business, education, healthcare and politics or through their activism in environmental or social justice issues. 

A 2015 MAKER Should Be A Very Inspiring Woman who Possesses Most of These Characteristics.

Leaving a Legacy

Future generations will benefit from the contributions of this nominee.

Building Community

The nominee’s work has had a positive impact on the community.

Effecting Lasting Change

The nominee has made a significant difference in the lives of others.

Defying Social Norms

The nominee has not conformed to outdated gender limitations.

A First in Her Field

The nominee accomplished/created a new way of doing business.

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