WGCU MAKERS: Women Who Make Southwest Florida

Nominations for 2016 MAKERS are now CLOSED.

Nominations for 2016 MAKERS opened on August 15, 2015 and closed on October 15, 2015. Please watch, listen and read about our MAKERS to be inspired by women who are leaving vital legacies in Southwest Florida. Thanks!


Who is a MAKER?

A MAKER is an authentic, passionate and inspiring woman who will leave a special lasting impact on the people, environment, economy and/or culture of SWFL.

The Criteria for a MAKER

Note: A MAKER should possess most of these characteristics:

Leaving a Legacy
• Future generations will benefit from the contributions of this nominee.
• This nominee has an integral role in the creation of her legacy.
• The impact of this nominee’s work will survive her tenure.
• There is a team in place and a plan to carry the nominee’s vision forward

Building Community
• The nominee has formed positive coalitions outside her own organization.
• The nominee’s work has had a positive impact on the community.
• There is the potential for further growth as a result of the nominee’s vision.

Defying Social Norms
• The nominee has not conformed to outdated gender limitations.
• The nominee is an iconoclast who broke through barriers.

Serving as a “First” in Her Field
• The nominee was the first woman to serve in her role.
• The nominee accomplished/created a new way of doing business/impacting community.
• The nominee has a reputation for her exceptional success.

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